I started working as a Lawyer in Paris, but soon my creativity needed a way to express itself. After one year of art Academy in Antwerp, I went my own way as an artist and displayed my work in exhibitions and fairs.

My art is mostly a representation of myself, my perceptions and my life. Mostly I've lived in the shadows of social expectations, but my creativity and soul exposed a real potential of realizing itself while being deeply concentrated on my creative work. 


While painting, I find myself in a deep state of self consciousness. I paint sadness, elegance, femininity, love, passion, exultation, death and resurrection.... sometimes with a huge touch of humor.

I made a collection of seamless designs, that could be used for textile design. 

This is a little project I made. Most of those designs are a from of self hypnoses. When painting a repetitive and mono-form print, I quit the ground and transcend social expectations and daily thought. They become a dream world where I can project my future onto. 


The message that comes out of every single painting I make is "Love". Because in the end, that's what everyone aspires to.


Don't hesitate to contact me for any information, collaboration or inquiries. 

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Brussels, BE 0738.868.202

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