In this section I'm giving you a view on my 2020 Particles Art. 

My signature is a reapeat pattern of leafs or circles or particles. I also call those particles Plasma. 

When I design those particles, it's like I'm designing a universe from scratch. In my opinion, we are all on earth or a reason and all humans and living beings are interconnected with each other. 

But in my opinion, with the need for money, and the fast economic movements, greed, consumption addictions, mistreatment of the planet and the living beings on earth, humans get perverted and get aliened from their true nature and don't perceive the connections with others anymore. 

That's the main reason why I sadly see that society is meaningless. It's driven by wrong ideals, in such a way that it's even governed with a corrupt mindset. 

 I wanted to redesign little particles, interacting with each other and trying to create sense. 

The whole story is concentrated in the act of painting itself. From designing the first form, to filling it up with a color, depending on it's interaction with the other particles, and the space surrounding. 

I do make paintings using different media: oil, ink, acrylic, gold leaf, pastels, cotonpaper, cardboard, wood, paper, canvas... 

©2020 Proudly Created by Eléa Hohweiller

Brussels, BE 0738.868.202

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